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What to Expect

First and foremost, expect your project to be completed to your absolute satisfaction. Our goal is to ensure each and every client is 100% satisfied. If some part of your project is not completed to your satisfaction, please let us know so we can make it right.

Expect Communication

From the moment we receive your project contract, communication becomes a vital piece of the process. Troy Teague, our General Manager will review your contract and your roofing specifications. Then he will order the materials and schedule delivery to your site. Either Troy or your Project Manager will contact you to confirm the delivery date for the materials and schedule the crew for the actual installation and completion date of the project. Tyler Eberhardt, our Quality Control Manager, will have pulled the necessary permit prior to the crew beginning the work and will be on site to insure proper installation and cleanup. The permit must stay posted until final inspection has been completed by the appropriate jurisdiction. Tyler will schedule the final inspection with the proper jurisdiction to finalize the permit.

What We Expect From You
There are a few things we will need you to do in preparation for the installation process. There can be a lot of vibration during installation, and this can cause items within the house to move slightly. We recommend you remove all pictures and loose knickknacks displayed on shelves. Also, please check to make sure all light fixtures inside the home are tight and well attached. On the outside please move any fragile items away from the perimeter of the property.
Expect Traffic
If you are having the old roof torn off, we will probably place a rather large dump truck close to your property in which to discard the rubbish. There may be a few vehicles parked near your property as well as your neighbors’. If you are going to need your car during the day, it may be more efficient for you to park it outside on the street so you don't find yourself blocked in and needing to wait for one or more of the crew-members to move their vehicles. Also, it would be a courteous thought to let your neighbors know of the upcoming project, the potential extra traffic, and the timeline to completion.
Expect Noise
During the installation process, as with most construction, you can expect to have noise inside the property and out. If your project includes tear off, the crew will use saws, pry bars and other tear-off tools to prepare for the installation process. If your project does not require any tear off, the noise will be somewhat lessened.
Expect Debris
There will be debris with any construction project. If your project includes tear-off, there will be quite a bit of debris (remember the large dump truck?).  Even without the tear-off, there will still be some debris. It is not uncommon for the debris to fall into flowerbeds and other shrubs.  Of course, we will remove all debris upon completion of your project, however, if you have some delicate plants, please point these out to the project manager so proper protective precautions may be taken.
Expect Vibration
With any construction project comes the use of tools. If you are having your roof or siding replaced, you can bet that there will be quite a bit of vibration coming from not only the installation, but the tear off as well. We have a couple of suggestions to help you protect your personal property inside the building. It is common for objects to become loose and fall, we often see light fixture covers that are not properly secured come crashing down. Another item to watch is pictures, or any other items hung on walls that are only secured with a nail. It is possible for the vibration to cause the nail work it’s way out of the wall. Usually any item hung with a true picture hanger is safe.

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